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The Installer Directory is exclusive to Delta Certified Pros, with your company listing performing like an added online storefront. Within your listing, you can include customizable info on your company, your personal details, project photos and more! And once you’re onboard, you’ll be able to optimize your listing.

Thousands of home- and business-owners visit the site every day, seeking information on local contractors or requesting help for product installations, repairs and replacements. Bottom line, the directory converts brand-aware consumers to highly qualified leads for installers. In other words, it means more potential business for you.

Step One


To start the certification process, simply click on “get started.” Registration takes less than a minute,and the total certification process averages just 90 minutes. Once you complete the learning modules, you’ll receive an invitation/option to be listed in the Installer Directory, where home- and business owners can easily find you in a quick local search.


Step Two


Click on the email invitation to get listed, and be sure to confirm that your profile is correct. Once your business is verified, you’ll receive an email with login credentials for your free account. Then, whenever it’s convenient, you can begin customizing your business profile.


Step Three


Upon your certification as a Delta Certified Installer, you’ll receive a badge to display on your website and/or social channels. This badge will also be displayed on the Installer Directory automatically showing potential customers that you have all the knowledge needed to install Delta products.



We’ve estimated it should take you less than an hour to complete the learning path modules. The modules are individual, plus you can start and stop each one to better fit them into your busy schedule.

Your company profile will be listed on the Installer Directory tab of our main website,

Your company profile will be listed as long as at least one individual completes the certification process in full. But we strongly encourage all active installers to complete the coursework to get up to speed on unique innovations and installation tips, not to mention gaining access to our full e-learning course catalog.

We understand sometimes face-to-face and hands-on experiences are preferred. With hundreds of representatives located throughout the country, your local “feet on the street” are armed and ready to get you certified. To schedule a visit, click here and contact the agency in your area.

Your company profile will be listed for free on the Delta Installer Directory. There are opportunities to enhance your profile once you are listed on the directory. These options can have a fee based on the customization and tools added. These advanced tools can include options for online quoting, requesting visits or messaging, lead import and export features, lead performance and other business optimization features!